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Welcome to Powerslide, the web's best place to discuss motoGP, Superbikes and meet other motoGP and Superbike addicts like you!

Inside the site you will find a very vibrant motoGP forum, where debates rage and fan's get to know each other.

The site was launched in March 2005, since then it has grown and now attracts over 50,000 motoGP fans each month from over 100 different countries.

What’s on the site?

· MotoGP Forum – The heart and soul of this web site is the motoGP forum, where fans come together for the love of motoGP – join, introduce yourself and get debating!

· MotoGP Fantasy League – Join the web’s best motoGP fantasy league! Manage your own team, buy and sell your riders, engines, team and tyres – get bonus points for predicting race results (that are based on actual motoGP races) – think you know motoGP the best? – Prove it and battle other members and win top prizes!

· Members Gallery – Check out other member’s photos from motoGP races, their bikes, and pet snakes!

If you have any comments to make, or you would like to get in touch – then please contact us…..especially if you want to sponsor this website or provide the forum with beer at races!

Enjoy the site!

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